Ray Padula, Choose It 2 Pack

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

Two sprinklers combined into one - the ultimate watering flexibility. Finally, a sprinkler that evenly covers every possible landscape design that you could think of...with no over-spray. Watering an irregular shaped area? Would a revolving sprinkler work for most of your landscape, but you find yourself questioning how to adequately water your curb strip (without over-spray into the street)? Then Choose It! is for you. Ray Padula's patented Choose It! combines a revolving sprinkler with a 9-Pattern stationary sprinkler. With 9 available pattern choices, Choose It! truly covers any shaped landscape you can think of!

  • Includes (2) Choose It! stationary sprinklers
  • 2-in-1 Stationary Sprinkler features 8-watering patterns and a water vane spinning center
  • In-Series connection spike allows multiple Choose It! sprinklers to be used at once
  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic lasts season after season