Ray Padula, Gutter Blast Jet Nzl W Telescp

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

Perfect for cleaning debris from gutters, sidewalks and drives, the Ray Padula Gutter Blast! Telescoping Power Jet wand makes cleaning a breeze. The heavy-duty, yet lightweight design telescopes to over five feet long. The all brass Power Jet! Nozzle top creates a powerful, blasting water stream right from your garden hose. Ray Padula Squeeze Grip risers take the shape of your hand while in use eliminating hand stress, while the built-in flow control dial allows you to make all flow control adjustments right from the wand. Lifetime Warranty. Leak Free Design!

  • 40 - 60 inch telescoping wand
  • Brass Power Jet
  • Nozzle easily cleans gutters and drives
  • Comfi-grip riser