Ray Padula, Hose Nozzle Pack

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

The Ray Padula Hose Nozzle Pack includes every type of hose nozzle you will ever need! Featuring an all new Series R Thumb Control 8-Pattern Nozzle (eliminating traditional triggers and hand-stress associated with hose nozzles) along with an adjustable pistol version, a Heavy-duty, Series Fire! Fireman style (indestructible!) hose nozzle, and an adjustable, miniature brass twist nozzle youre covered for every watering application imaginable while you create your picture perfect landscape.

  • Includes (1) Thumb Control Nozzle, (1) Series Fire! Fireman Nozzle and (1) Mini Twist It! nozzle
  • All new Ray Padula thumb control! Eliminates triggers - nothing to squeeze, no hand stress!
  • Mini brass twist nozzle is a true natural extension of the hose!
  • Provides all necessary watering products for a masterpiece lawn!