Ray Padula, Oscillating Sprinkler Kit

List Price: $39.99
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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

An ultimate gardening resource, the Ray Padula Lawn Sprinkler Kit includes a Ray Padula Raindance, dancing oscillating sprinkler (not only fun to watch, but places water over 34% more accurately onto your landscape), a Series R Thumb control 8-Pattern Nozzle (eliminating traditional triggers and hand-stress associated with standard nozzles), a Time It! Manual hose timer, allowing for timed watering up to 2 hours, and best of all a Quick Klick, Quick Connection kit allowing you to easily klick your sprinklers and watering accessories to your hose!

  • Includes (1) Dancing Oscillating Sprinkler, (1) Manual Hose Timer, (1) Thumb Control Nozzle and (1) Quick Klick Kit
  • Dancing Action is not only fun to watch, but places water 34% more accurately onto your landscape!
  • All new Ray Padula Thumb Control! Eliminates triggers - nothing to squeeze, no hand stress!
  • Provides all necessary watering products for a masterpiece lawn!