Ray Padula, Raindance Sprinkler

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

Take a moment and think about an oscillating sprinkler. What comes to mind? Usually a fan of water moving back and forth along a set pattern, right? Now think Raindance. Ray Padula state-of-the-art Raindance oscillating sprinklers not only oscillate a fan of water along a set pattern but they throttle the water creating our exclusive Water Wave dancing action, responsible for placing water over 34% more accurately than an ordinary oscillating sprinkler. Including a perfected throttling cam, a perfected Quick Reverse design (allowing for the shortest pattern reverse time in the industry), as well as a Lifetime Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy, Ray Padula Raindance oscillating sprinklers are just that - perfect.

  • Dancing Action is not only fun to watch, but places water 34% more accurately onto your landscape!
  • Innovative H20 Tank measures how much water your Raindance applies to your lawn during use.
  • Double layered heart cam provides true non-puddling action, pattern reverses in less than 1.5 seconds!
  • 32-Position dial adjustment knob matches the watering pattern to your landscape shape