Ray Padula, Water Timer 2 Zone Rubbr Knobs

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

Ray Padula all new Time It! Duo Dual outlet timers provide the functionality of two watering zones! Simply attach the Time It! Duo to your hose faucet and water the front and back yard without moving the hose automatically! Time It! Duo allows simultaneous or single zone operation up to two hours of timed watering. A "Manual" option allows continuous flow to use the hose for other tasks (like washing the car) without having to remove Time It! Duo from the faucet.

  • Two watering zones - water the front and backyard automatically!
  • Provides timed watering up to 2 hours, with automatic shut-off!
  • EZGrip hose coupling makes attaching Time It! to your faucet easy
  • Manual on operation for continuous water flow