Ray Padula, Water Wand 28" Reach It

List Price: $13.49
Your Price: $12.62


Manufacturer: Ray Padula

"Finally" describes them perfectly. Tall plantings? Out of reach foliage? Then it's time to water with ease. It's time to water with Reach It! Designed to remove the frustration of watering tall foliage, Ray Padula Reach It! water wands provide a Swivel Adjust rotating nozzle top (enabling the user to customize the direction of spray), flow control options, our Comfi-Grip design, and a 9-Pattern nozzle - at a price you'd pay for the competition's features.

  • 28" riser features swivel adjust nozzle top
  • Swivel Adjust nozzle top rotates to customize the direction of spray
  • Ergonomic handle makes Reach It! a comfort to use
  • 28" riser makes reaching taller plantings easy!