S C Johnson, Spiced Rose And Vanilla Scented Oil Candle Refill

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SKU: J30 70506

Manufacturer: S C Johnson

Scented Oil Candle's revolutionary and patented technology is the reason why whole room fragrancing will finally be delivered. Our Scented Oil Candles transfer heat from the flame through the wick clip and to the warming plate to quickly melt the candle into a large pool of scented oil.

  • The large pool of scented oil provides significantly more fragrancing versus ordinary candles.
  • The highly aesthetic holder also includes a patented magnetized plate so that each scented oil candle securely fits ensuring a safe and consistent burn with each refill.
  • Because of the product's patented capillary action transfer oil from the pool to the flame, only our refills will work in the highly aesthetic holders to provide quicker, room fragrancing.
  • When the oil is gone the candle goes out automatically adding the safety benefit to this product.
  • Case Pack: 9