Ray Padula, Sprinkler Mtl Turbine Osc

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

If you've ever desired the flexibility and infinite number of watering patterns offered on a pulsating sprinkler, within an oscillating sprinkler design, look no further. The Ray Padula Soaring Waters turbine metal oscillating sprinkler offers an infinite number of watering patterns (complements of our Slide Adjust adjustment collars), an extremely even, accurate watering pattern (complements of our precision engineered all new, chrome nozzles), an unparalleled sturdiness during operation (complements of a design that's both brawny and durable), a deep thread hose coupling that is virtually resistant to cross threading. Not to mention the construction and brawn of this product is unmatched in the industry!

  • Heavy-duty metal/chrome construction provides stability during use
  • Slide Adjust adjustment collars adjust the watering pattern to any landscape shape.
  • Chrome nozzles provide a powerful/accurate watering pattern
  • Heavy-duty chrome turbine construction