Ray Padula, Sprinkler Pulse Plas H Base

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

No longer just a pulsating sprinkler, it's The PULSE. Controlled rotation speed. Unrivaled water distribution. Guaranteed no tip patent pending base. Grip Cut adjustment collars. Patent pending grooved deflector. No, we're not kidding. Ray Padula is pleased to be the first to release a precision engineered, controlled rotation plastic pulsating sprinkler line to reach the market today. Our heavy-duty thick drive arm creates a precise, even rotation without "skipping," common in the competition's designs. Furthermore, our grooved water deflector creates an even, dense, powerful shower of water that is virtually wind resistant. Perfect for watering medium to large size areas - no other sprinkler comes close to The PULSE.

  • Grooved water deflector provides an even, dense placement of water
  • Internal molded nozzle allows for a powerful, dense, wind-resistant watering pattern.
  • In-Series, heavy-duty "H" base allows multiple pulse sprinklers to be used at once
  • Heavy-duty construction lasts season-after-season