Ray Padula, Waterwand 36"-60" Thumb Ctrl

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Manufacturer: Ray Padula

From features, to performance, all the way down to the look, Comfi Rain has it. A gentle rain-like shower, enhanced by a comfortable experience. Adjusting from a 18 In. to 60 In. height, Ray Padula Comfi-Rain water wands offer you a host of flexible options. Such options include the longest wand design in the industry (over five feet long), a Squeeze Grip riser, 10-Watering patterns, Swivel Adjust nozzle tops, as well as a wide array of flow control configurations. If you care about your landscape, care about what you use to water it. Water with Comfi-Rain.

  • All new Ray Padula Thumb Control! Eliminates triggers - nothing to squeeze, no hand stress!
  • Telescopes from 36" to over 60" in length! Reach tall plantings with ease - best of all no leaks!
  • Swivel Adjust nozzle head allows you to customize the direction of spray.
  • Squeeze grip riser takes the shape of your hand while in use providing a very comfortable watering experience